Ciao to all.

Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best in 2014!

2014 is here and progressing therefore it’s time to keep moving and hitting those targets you set for 2014! We’re back into things and on target for an even bigger 2014. Our agendas are ready and filled with our educational services and EMSIBETH duties!

We will be in Melbourne and Sydney this year searching for distributors who would like to embark on the exciting path of EMSIBETH distribution + professional education. We as CONTACT HAIR SERVICES PTY LTD have done well here in the west and of course work hard to keep growing and servicing our clients. It is now time to spread the EMSIBETH love, quality and education throughout Australia! To do so we need distributors and agents to represent the quality and professional level of our range EMSIBETH and of course our EDUCATIONAL SERVICES consisting of seminars, workshops etc.

Please contact our managing director (Mario De Felice 0402 511 561) directly to answer any of your queries regarding a potential distribution in your area. Please see OUR EDUCATION for full details regarding our services.

Our new collection will be launched next month and will be present on our site and new facebook page. Search Emsibeth, like us and keep updated!

Again all the best to you all!

Renato De Felice
Contact Stylistic Team
Stylistic Director/Educator