Curly hair can be more difficult to care for than straight hair due to several reasons:

  • Dryness and frizz: Curly hair simply tends to be drier and more sensitive to humidity  which invites undesired frizz.
  • Tangling: The twists and turns of curly hair make it more prone to tangling and knotting, which can cause breakage and damage if not detangled gently and unpleasant to touch.
  • Porosity: Curly hair tends to be more porous, meaning the hair cuticles are raised and allow more moisture to pass in and out. This can lead to dryness if not properly moisturized and above all bringing frizz.
  • Shrinkage: As curly hair dries, it can shrink up significantly, making it appear shorter and more compact, which can be challenging to style. It is very important to search for an experienced cutter who can work with curls and give the correct advice for maintenance. Curls are easy once you know how to look after them!
  • Product buildup: Curly hair often requires more styling products to tame frizz and define curls, but these products can build up on the hair over time, weighing it down and making it look dull. Emsibeth is your answer for a lightweight approach to taming your curls!

Proper care, such as using moisturising products, gentle detangling techniques, and avoiding harsh treatments, can help manage and maintain curly hair’s unique needs. Curls love to be treated well and handled accordingly.
The right techniques can make a big difference in your curly hair care routine. Read on to learn more about our best tips for managing curly hair.

Optimal Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

Here’s what we recommend to get the best results with your curly hair:

When shampooing, gently massage the shampoo into your scalp using your fingertips to effectively cleanse and nourish your curls. It’s essential to choose the right products for your curly hair to maintain its health and vitality. Look for shampoos specifically designed for curly hair, as they’re formulated to provide the moisture and nutrients that your curls need. When selecting a shampoo for curly hair, opt for sulphate-free options to prevent stripping your hair of its natural oils, which can lead to dryness and frizz.

Pair your shampoo with a matching conditioner and/or mask for curly hair care. You can’t go past EMSIBETH ETHE CURL RANGE. Conditioners/masks designed for curly hair help to detangle, hydrate, and define your curls. After shampooing, apply conditioner/mask. Leave in for a few minutes to allow it to deeply nourish your curls before rinsing thoroughly. Our EMSIBETH range will not weigh your hair down!!!

Wet Your Hair Thoroughly

Wet Your Curly Hair Thoroughly
Our Top Tips for Vibrant and Healthy Curly Hair 5

To guarantee effective shampooing of your curly hair, completely wet it before applying shampoo to promote even distribution and reduce the amount needed, subsequently preventing drying out your curls.

Wetting your hair thoroughly ensures that the curly hair shampoo can spread evenly throughout your locks, making sure that every strand receives the cleansing benefits. By reducing the amount of shampoo needed, you can prevent stripping your hair of its vital oils, which is essential for maintaining the health and hydration of your curls.

Use the Right Shampoo

Start by selecting a sulphate-free shampoo specifically designed for curly hair to maintain moisture and prevent dryness and frizz. Curly hair shampoos are formulated to be gentle on your natural oils, preventing them from being stripped away by harsh sulphates. As mentioned before, our EMSIBETH ETHE CURL SHAMPOO will give your curls all the answers they’re looking for!

When shampooing, apply a small amount to your scalp and use your fingertips to give a gentle massage. Use medium paced circular motion to not irritate scalp. Always remember that a healthy scalp is vital to the growth of healthy hair similar to the soil for a plant, gums to teeth etc.

Thorough Rinsing

Thorough Rinsing Your Curly Hair
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When rinsing your curly hair after shampooing, ensure thoroughness by using lukewarm or cool water to prevent further drying out and to remove all shampoo residue that can cause limpness in your curls. Lukewarm water helps in maintaining moisture, while cool water seals the hair cuticles, enhancing shine.

Gently massage your scalp and hair as you rinse to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy hair growth. Always be gentle with your hand movements! Curls do not like to be disturbed!

Post-Wash Care

After conditioning, consider using a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture and frizz control. Remember to gently detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb while the conditioner is still in. With the right shampoo and conditioner, your curly hair will stay hydrated, healthy, and defined. EMSIBETH GIVES YOU THE OPTION OF THE VERY MUCH LOVED MYTEN LEAVE-IN SPRAY AND/OR THE ETHE CURL FLUID.

Tips to Prevent Tangling and Frizz while Shampooing Curly Hair

Tips to Prevent Tangling and Frizz while Shampooing Curly Hair Perth
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Prevent tangling and frizz while shampooing curly hair by gently massaging the shampoo into your scalp using your fingertips, ensuring not to tangle the curls. Start by wetting your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water before applying a sulphate-free shampoo specifically designed for curly hair. Diligently work the shampoo into your scalp in a gentle, circular motion, focusing on cleansing the roots without roughening up the ends. Avoid piling your hair on top of your head when shampooing, as this can cause knots and tangles. Instead, let your curls hang naturally and work the shampoo downwards to prevent friction and breakage.

To prevent frizz, resist the urge to vigorously scrub your hair while shampooing. Instead, gently massage the shampoo through your hair in a downward motion, following the natural pattern of your curls. Use your fingertips to work the lather into your scalp and hair, ensuring that every strand is cleansed without causing unnecessary friction. Rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water to seal the hair cuticles and lock in moisture, helping to reduce frizz and promote shine.

Recommended Shampoos for Curly Hair by Contact Hair Services

Recommended Shampoos for Curly Hair by Contact Hair Services Perth
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When it comes to the best shampoo for curly hair in Australia, Contact Hair Services recommends opting for products specifically formulated to cater to the needs of curly and wavy hair. Choosing the right shampoo for curly hair is vital in maintaining its health and enhancing its natural beauty.

Shampoos that contain moisturising ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, or argan oil can help nourish and define curls, making them more manageable. See curly hair shampoos here.

When shopping for curly hair shampoo in Australia, it’s crucial to look for formulas that are gentle and hydrating. Harsh chemicals can cause damage to curly hair, leading to frizz and breakage. By selecting a shampoo specifically designed for curly and wavy hair, you can make sure that your curls are well taken care of and look their best.

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, when it comes to shampooing curly hair, it’s crucial to use the best hair care techniques to effectively cleanse your hair without causing damage.

By following our special considerations, preventing tangling and frizz, and using recommended motions, you can guarantee that your curly hair stays healthy and vibrant.

Remember to choose shampoos specifically designed for curly hair to achieve the best results. Keep these tips in mind for beautiful and manageable curls. Shop here now!