No one likes to head out on a perfect day only for the humidity and sweat to frizz their hair. No matter how you style your hair, humidity can ruin your hairstyle in a minute unless you specifically use anti-frizz products. So how do you fix that? Try our top 5 salon-grade anti-frizz hair products.  

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Best Salon-grade Products to Prevent Frizz 

If you want your hair to be just as shiny and frizz-free and see you in salons, you need salon-grade anti-frizz products.  

Here are our top 5 hair picks: 

1. Anti-Humidity Hair Sprays  

Anti-humidity hair spray in Perth is the best way to prevent your hair from frizzing up no matter the weather. These sprays add a hydrophobic coat over your hair cuticles giving frizz free protection. 

Hair Styling

A quality anti-humidity spray also moisturises your hair and boosts shine. Will also help your style last longer! 

2. Hair Masks 

While anti-humidity hair sprays are a great quick fix for frizzy hair, it is also important to treat the hair with more depth. If you really want long-lasting healthy hair, you need to repair your hair from the inside with nourishing hair masks. 

Hair masks feed your hair all the necessary nutrients it needs to thrive. It also moisturises each strand, softens them from the inside and repairs every hint of damage until your hair is smooth, shiny and frizz-free.  

If you have extremely frizzy hair, we recommend using a hair mask and leaving it in for 10-15mins before rinsing and proceeding with styling. 

3. Leave-in Serums 

One of the biggest causes of frizzy and flyaway hair is a damaged cuticle layer. The cuticle is the outer and protective layer of the hair. When not correctly sealed it invites frizz. Hair is less manageable and lacks shine. The simplest way to fix all of this is through a leave-in serum


Serums add moisture and above all seal the cuticle layer. All of the Emsibeth leave-in serums are lightweight and give instant smoothness. Excellent shine boosters and definitely remove hair frizz and that uncomfortable flyaway feel. 

4. Keratin Treatments 

Keratin treatments offer long-term protection from frizzy hair. After all, not everyone has the time to style their hair every day, sometimes you just want to quickly brush through and be ready to leave. In that case, a keratin treatment is your best way out. The Emsibeth Keratin Treatment is safe and gives long lasting results. Consult with your Emsibeth stylist regarding which Emsibeth Keyliss Keratin Treatment is for you!  

5. Hair Setting Spray 

A standard hairspray will help frizz however aim to use an anti-frizz hairspray which are designed to combat that frizz. The Emsibeth number one anti frizz hairspray belongs to the Keyliss family…check it out! You will get frizz free hair with a medium hold to help your style last longer! 

Bottom Line 

Frizzy hair is every woman’s nightmare! The great news is you can do easy things to keep your hair frizz free using the appropriate Emsibeth product! Whether you need long-term frizz protection with the best keratin hair treatments in Perth,  hair-cutting courses or a hair loss treatment in Perth to repair frizz-induced damage, our experts know what’s best for your hair. Visit our store today!