Key Takeaways

  • Contact Hair Services is a hair services company that was established in 2004 by the De Felice family, who have over two decades of experience in the international hair arena.
  • Contact Hair Services is the exclusive importer of EMSIBETH COSMETICS ITALY, a complete professional hair care range made in Italy, and combines this with offering  an advanced education program for hairdressers.
  • The primary objective of Contact Hair Services and EMSIBETH COSMETICS ITALY is to support professional hairdressers and their salons in improving their quality, image, and ability through stylistic training.
  • Contact Hair Services pays particular attention to the needs and goals of individual salons, recognising that each salon has its own identity and requires a personalised approach.

Hair Collection Perth

Our hair collections are the fruit of an international artistic team which aims to bring the latest trends to all professional salons. Our in-house head stylist and educator Renato De Felice is part of the international Emsibeth Artistc Team and works side by side with the best of our craft researching the market and its trends. Renato himself has been designing hair collections since 1999 when based in Italy. Creating a collection is not an easy thing! It takes great skill and sensitivity. The main thing for us at Emsibeth to be able to support hairdressers in learning new skills to bring to their salons. This can only be achieved with the guidance of a concrete working method which will help maintain quality within the salon. All our course are delivered with a concrete working method and terminology which give you the correct confidence to help lift the quality of your salon.

The power of collections is simple:

  • Collections evolve which means YOU evolve.
  • Your salon clients are updated with the latest trends.
  • Collections help retail sales.
  • Support material of collections keep salons fresh and forward thinking.
  • Collections help increase productivity as they offer new ideas to your clients
  • Collections encourage team work and group cohesion

Products in salons are tools for the stylist and are maintenance tools for their clients. Healthy hair is a must for any collection cut and colour to survive and look great!

Our range of Emsibeth and Ethe products includes nourishing shampoos, revitalising conditioners, and our signature product – the transformative hair smoothing cream that tames frizz while adding lustre. But we don’t just supply these items, we empower salon professionals through detailed education programs about their advantages and optimal use. It is more than selling products. it is about enhancing the quality of hair services across Perth. Hairdressers must learn to inform their clients of the usage and purpose of each product they use!

We understand each salon has its distinct identity which requires a personalised approach. That is why we pay attention to individual needs and goals. As part of this commitment, we regularly update our offerings to reflect emerging trends and customer preferences. With us leading the way in trendsetting hair collections, salons can ensure they are always ahead of the curve.

Hair Services

We believe that you will find the services offered by Contact Hair Services to be of the highest quality, focusing not only on style but also on the health and well-being of your hair. We are passionate about creating innovative and distinctive hair designs using high-quality products so much that we now train and educate hairdressers regularly. We have spent three decades mastering our craft, staying updated with current hair trends, and prioritising a detailed-oriented approach in every service we provide.

Our exclusive partnership with Emsibeth Cosmetics Italy allows us to offer you a quality professional grade hair care that is sulphate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free, and vegan-friendly. These products enhance our services while promoting healthier hair.

We believe education is a crucial part of our service. That is why we run an advanced training program designed to elevate the skills of professional hairstylists. We are committed to helping stylists improve their hands-on abilities while uplifting the standard of service within their salons.

We understand that each salon has its unique identity which requires personalised attention therefore we pay special heed to individual needs and goals when designing customised solutions for salons.

Our mission at Contact Hair Services is simple: combine vision with emotion through education – all in pursuit of creating beautiful and healthy hairstyles for you.

Versatile Hair Products: Curliss Fluid

We are aware of the latest hair trends and can confirm that versatility is the key and main essence to the latest looks. That is why our CURLISS FLUID (part of the Emsibeth styling range STYLE PROOF) not only combats frizz and acts as a heat protectant – but can also be used as a smoothing product!

But what makes us stand out? We do not compromise on quality. Our cream is sulphate-free, paraben-free, vegan-friendly – because we believe you deserve nothing but the best. Plus, its lightweight consistency ensures no residue build-up or heaviness.

Shampoo Shop Perth

In addition to our top-notch smoothing cream, we have also got an impressive range of shampoos at Contact Hair Services. We are all about choices and quality. Our selection includes the latest sulphate-free and paraben-free options which are in line with current hair care trends.

As experts in the industry, we understand that different hair types require different care. That is why our range is vast and inclusive, catering to curly, straight, coloured or chemically treated hair. We have hydrating shampoos for dry strands, volumising formulas for fine locks and colour-preserving solutions for dyed tresses.

We are proud to stock EMSIBETH COSMETICS ITALY shampoos – a brand synonymous with superior quality. These vegan-friendly products are designed not just to clean but also to nourish your hair from root to ends whilst protecting scalps.

Our commitment does not end with selling you a bottle of shampoo. we are keen on educating you on best practices too. We will advise you on the right product for your specific needs and how often you should use it based on your hair type.

At Contact Hair Services and all professional Emsibeth salons, we are more than a retail shampoo shop in Perth. we are your partners in achieving healthy, beautiful hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the History and Inspiration Behind Contact Hair Services Pty Ltd?

We are a family-owned business, established in 2004 after years of succeeding in Europe’s hair scene. Our inspiration stems from our passion for innovative hair designs and high-quality products, with a special focus on professional education.

How Does CONTACT HAIR SERVICES Contribute to the Advancement of Stylistic Training for Professional Hairdressers?

We are dedicated to advancing stylistic training for professional hairdressers. We provide an advanced education program, and continuous inspirational training, aimed at improving their skills, hence elevating the service standard within their salons. As mentioned before, our in-house head stylist and educator Renato De Felice is part of the International Emsibeth Artistic Team.

What Is the Mission of Contact Hair Services and How Does It Plan to Achieve It?

We are devoted to uplifting professional hairdressers and their salons. Our mission: Vision, Emotion, Education. We aim to achieve this through innovative stylistic training, ensuring each salon’s unique needs are met with a personalised approach.

What Is the Role of EMSIBETH COSMETICS ITALY in Contact Hair Service’s Operations?

We are the exclusive importers of Emsibeth Cosmetics Italy. We blend this quality product line with our advanced education program, focusing on enhancing stylistic skills and efficient product use in our professional hairdressing salons.

How Does Contact Hair Services Manage the Individual Needs and Goals of Different Salons?

In simple terms: WE LISTEN and CARE.

We are keenly aware each salon has its unique identity. So, we tailor our approach to meet individual needs and goals, providing personalised training and high-quality products to elevate the standard of service within their salons.


Hair collections and products evolve. We belong to a fast paced industry where if you are not correctly trained can easily pass you by.

The softness and versatility of the present collections need well educated hands to create the new looks.

Simplicity of creation. Creation of simplicity.

At Contact Hair Services, we are not just selling products or services. we are sharing a vision, stirring emotions, and educating on the art of exceptional hair care. So here is to embracing change while celebrating tradition.