Have you been to a Contact Hair Services cutting course in Perth?  

It is a chance for us to share fresh ideas and help your salon evolve. With Stylistic Director Renato De Felice’s expertise and your curiosity, you are set to create stunning new looks together. Let us sharpen those scissors and get ready to revolutionise our approach to hairstyling! 

Emsibeth Elite Program 

The Emsibeth Elite Program, which is designed by Renato De Felice, offers a unique opportunity to delve into the world of hair collections and help your salon evolve. We provide comprehensive salon courses in Perth that cater to different skill levels. Our hair-cutting courses in Perth are meticulously crafted to enhance your skills and knowledge of modern hairstyling techniques. We are committed to delivering the best hair-cutting training Perth, ensuring you receive hands-on experience under expert supervision. You will not only acquire new haircutting skills but also master the art of transforming ordinary hairstyles into extraordinary ones. Join us today and let us take your hairstyling career to greater heights together, subsequently transitioning into our ‘contact aware program’. 

Contact Aware Program 

You will find more about the Contact Aware Program and other educational opportunities on our website. It is a selective in-depth stylistic training course to prepare hairdressers to become stylists and/or educators. We have gathered some key information to help you understand what is in store. Speaking of evolving your salon, let us transition into our next section on ‘collection cutting’. 

Collection Cutting 

Collection cutting is an innovative technique that will transform your salon’s offerings. It is a method we have developed to help salons keep up with ever-changing fashion trends and client expectations. By integrating this into your services, we are confident you will see an increase in customer satisfaction and return visits. 

Our course, led by the experienced Renato De Felice, provides hands-on training using the Aware Method Philosophy. You will learn how to create new looks following detailed steps, enhancing your creativity while maintaining precision. 

We want to equip you with skills that set your salon apart from the rest. Now let us transition to our next topic- ’emsibeth trend extreme’- where we delve deeper into advanced hair styling concepts. 

Emsibeth Trend Extreme 

Diving into ‘Emsibeth Trend Extreme’, we explore advanced styling concepts that will push your creativity and technical skills to new heights. We are going beyond the conventional, delving deep into avant-garde hair designs. It is not just about cutting, it is about bringing freshness and evolution to your salon and clients.  

Imagine this: 

Masterful Cuts Boundless Creativity 
Precision with every snip Unleashing artistic potential 
Understanding different textures Fusing classic and modern styles 
Creating balance and symmetry Breaking boundaries 

This course is more than just learning techniques, it is a transformative journey for us as stylists. We are embracing innovation, redefining beauty standards, and pushing our creative boundaries to create unique hairstyles that set trends instead of following them. Let us take this exciting leap together into the world of Emsibeth Trend Extreme! The other main objective is to learn how to create new looks which are practical and belong to real people! 

Emsibeth Assist 

In the realm of ‘Emsibeth Assist’, we are about to delve into the supportive role that stylists play in ensuring their client’s satisfaction and enhancing the overall salon experience. We understand that each stylist’s contribution is crucial in making a salon successful. They are not just hairdressers, they are consultants who listen, advise, and provide solutions tailored to each client’s needs. With Emsibeth Assist, we aim to equip our stylists with the knowledge and skills necessary for delivering exceptional services. From understanding the latest trends to mastering the best techniques, we ensure continuous learning and improvement. It is our commitment towards creating a rewarding salon environment where every visit becomes an extraordinary experience for our clients. At Emsibeth Assist, we do not just train stylists, we build professionals who concretely give within the salon. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are the Key Takeaways from This Course for a Salon Business? 

We will gain valuable skills for creating new looks and evolving our salon offerings. The course, guided by Renato De Felice, also provides insights into the Aware Method Philosophy, enhancing our overall hairdressing expertise. Learn a new concrete communication which in return helps grow confidence. 


Do not miss this opportunity to learn from renowned stylist, Renato De Felice, and bring fresh ideas back to your clients. With his years of experience and unique Aware Method Philosophy, you are sure to take away valuable insights. Reach out to Contact Hair Services for more information – let us keep evolving together! Renato De Felice is also part of the international Emsibeth Artistic and educational team which work hard to help lift and maintain the quality of the craft.