Isn’t it amazing when you get back home from your hair colour appointment and see the reflection of your freshly coloured hair? Although Emsibeth Colour is of the highest quality, it is also essential to support your new colour with the correct maintenance at home.

How…? This guide is for you!

Today we will share five easy steps to help your colour last for the longest possible time!

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How to Keep Your Coloured Hair Healthy & Shiny at Home?

Here are a few easy steps to maintain coloured hair at home:

1. The first step towards helping your colour is by waiting 48 hours after your colour service before washing your hair.

This helps the final stage of oxidisation to happen within the hair’s structure which simply means your hair has an improved absorption of pigment helping it last longer with maximum shine. The number of washes per week can affect the duration of your colour therefore the appropriate shampoo is crucial.

How many times a week should you wash your hair…? This depends mostly on your scalp. It is essential to have a clean and healthy scalp to promote new growth. Think of soil for a plant or gums for teeth – same concept. Emsibeth offers a range of shampoos which will delicately cleanse scalps and will protect the colour of the hair. Dry shampoo is also an excellent idea for those who love sport and are time poor for proper shampooing. Dry shampoo will absorb any impurities, freshen up hair, and help protect colour! Check out our Emsibeth multiaction dry shampoo

2. Use the Right Product

There is a reason why colour protect shampoo’s and hair products were created. Regular shampoo can be too harsh on your hair, accelerate fading and mistreat your scalp. Wanting longer lasting colour…? Aim for sulphate free shampoos with a balanced pH level. The whole Emsibeth range is sulphate free, paraben free and vegan friendly. 

Stock up on our White-White anti-yellow shampoo to maintain blonde coloured hair and our Nourishine Mask for extra nourishment and protection. One of our greatest and well balanced shampoo and mask for coloured hair is the MULTIACTION range which consists of a shampoo, mask and an elite leave-in mask spray which locks in the colour pigments and facilitates styling.

3. Always use Conditioner or Mask

Coloured hair needs extra attention and is important to maintain a balance between moisture and protein, therefore ALWAYS use a conditioner or mask. What’s the difference…? The reality is they are similar with their function on the hair however a mask can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and if left on 10-15 minutes will function as a treatment for the hair. Conditioners are excellent to seal the cuticle layer of the hair which give protection and boost shine. A mask will go a bit further and nourish the hair strand, improve elasticity and give maximum strength. All of the Emsibeth masks and conditioners are lightweight and non-greasy. This is an excellent characteristic of the high quality formulas within the Emsibeth world. Simply search conditioner and mask within our site and choose the right one for you! The Ethe’ range offers magnificent masks which can provide moisture, protein and shine. If you’re looking for more of an anti-frizz shine look out for our KEYLISS conditioner or mask

4. Heat Protection

 Heat protection is a must to help your colour remain brilliant and shiny. Even when coloured with a high quality Emsibeth colour it is still essential to protect your hair from any heat source you may require when styling. The Emsibeth Hulahoop styling range has a biphasic heat protector spray which is simple to use and can be sprayed daily without weighing hair down. Always ensure you shake the bottle before usage to mix all the nutrients and ingredients for which your hair will love you! Another option is in cream form and is applied with your hands. It is a deep moisturiser and ideal for more brittle hair. Check out our Ethe’ Nutritive range: HEAT PROTECTION MILK-CREAM.

5. Be Cautious in the Pool or Ocean with Sun Exposure.

If you’re a swimmer or simply love the beach and have coloured hair, you will notice extra fading of your colour if you don’t appropriately protect your hair. Emsibeth have a special colour protector spray which can be used before, during and after exposure to the elements of pool or ocean water. It will also give you protection against the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun! Checkout our Thermal range with certified spring water and look out for THERMAL SUN HEAT PROTECTOR

The whole Thermal Sun range consists of a specific shampoo and mask which are designed to give extra attention to coloured hair exposed to the sun, pool or ocean. These products help calm the frizz of your hair, while giving it moisture and protein allowing you to keep enjoying the positives of being outdoors which may also include gardening or any other outdoor activity. At Emsibeth we’re all about wellbeing and connection with the earth. Don’t let your coloured hair stop you!

Bottom Line

Your hair colour is more than just an update or covering whites. It’s a part of your personality. It can help bring confidence. Your hair is your most personal accessory! Hair colour may fade although following these simple tips will definitely play an important role with the duration and condition of your hair! Remember to mix these tips with the right hair care products from Contact Hair Services. Our experts specialise in professional hair styling. And since we also offer hair cutting and colour training in Perth for professional stylists we are happy to give the best advice to YOU, the clients who make it all possible!

Visit our store and find the perfect colour protective product today.