It is our pleasure to introduce you to an exciting, versatile and productive new service for your salon; ARP KERATIN FUSION!

Firstly, it is important to get to know the KEYLISS range by Emsibeth Cosmetics. Keyliss is the elite anti-frizz range of Emsibeth which is completely SLES free and paraben free. Keyliss consists of retail keratin shampoo + keratin conditioner and mask + anti-frizz hairspray which is also available in travel size format and most importantly KEYLISS also consists of a keratin based smoothing treatment which gives extraordinary results to unruly, frizzy hair!

Keyliss Keratin Treatment can be used as a hair smoother and will give frizz free hair for up to three months. The procedure is easy to follow requiring an attentive application and usage of heating irons. The hair is always protected thanks to the high quality formula and a very special heat protector which is applied to the hair before the use of any heated tools. Hair remains natural looking and easier to manage. Blowdry/styling last longer and less product is needed to achieve smooth effects with exceptional shine.

I always like to clarify the importance of the role of the stylist’s hands and approach towards this type of service. Keyliss will give you results but not without the wonderful work of your hands! Every comb movement, product application etc counts! Keyliss Keratin Smoothing treatment is ideal for ALL hair types including chemically treated hair; we simply adjust processing times and the heat of the heating irons. We also have a Keyliss Keratin treatment dedicated to blonde hair which has a violet pigment to ensure a non-brass end result! Now that’s something!!!

Just a reminder that this type of service can take up to 2 and half hours to complete in the salon therefore it is important to book your client accordingly and inform him/her of the time needed to complete the treatment. Treatment effect lasts up to three months. It is also very important to recommend your client uses the KEYLISS shampoo and conditioner at home to help the effect last as long as possible. SHAMPOO MUST BE SULFATE FREE in order to not interrupt the hard work of the keratin within the hair’s structure.

We now move onto the extraordinary NEW SERVICE for your salon: ARP KERATIN FUSION. This particular new service created by the Arpe’ge/Emsibeth team led by the magnificent Marco Todaro is a must in all salons! Marco Todaro is a leader in innovating techniques for salons. One of the finest and most forward thinking stylists and educators of our craft! I am honoured to be able to work with Marco and to share my craft knowledge with him. Extraordinary professional of our craft! Marco is based in Turin, Italy and is part of the Emsibeth world. Marco also has his own colouring method and an Emsibeth made ammonia free oil colour range. More info to follow within our future blogs. Simply extraordinary!

ARP KERATIN FUSION gives four weeks of frizz free hair and only needs maximum five minutes to apply! This is possible thanks to the use of an innovative air brush which simplifies and quickens the application of the Keyliss Keratin Fusion guaranteeing an even distribution of product. ARP KERATIN FUSION is used on straight or curly hair. It will eliminate frizz to both hair types and is designed to make drying easier at home giving longer lasting effects. Hair can also be dried naturally enhancing the wave or curl without the unwanted frizz!

The aim is to make this service accessible to your client which can easily be achieved because the quantity of product is minimal, and the application time does not exceed five minutes! Yes, only five minutes to apply the product then you simply proceed to blow dry the hair as per usual. Efficiency and productivity at its best!

The procedure is simple:
1. Shampoo (keyliss keratin preparing shampoo)
2. Towel dry and if necessary, apply MYTEN leave in mask
3. Apply ARP KERATIN FUSION using airbrush
4. Proceed with blow dry. Use arpe’ge smoothing cream for straight hair or arpe’ge curl fluid for curly hair. Both products are emsibeth made.
5. Finish look and boost shine with arpe’ge shine drops.

The usage of straightening irons and diffusors etc is perfectly safe and recommended.

It is essential to use the Keyliss range at home to ensure the life of the treatment’s frizz free effect.

Arp Keratin Fusion has been extremely successful across Italy and has started to make a great start here in Perth, Australia. The feedback has been magnificent with clients already booking in the next service.

For more information please contact us directly [email protected].

Don’t miss out! Bring Arp Keratin Fusion to your salon and belong to the new frizz-free movement!