You have seen a gorgeous hairstyle online and you are dying to replicate it. But before you take the leap, do you have the right products to make that happen? Often the hairstyles we see online do not turn out as good when we try them ourselves. The biggest reason behind that is although we can see the result, we never truly know what kind of hair care products are used to achieve the look! So today, we will help you buy the right hair products online in Perth or from an Emsibeth salon near you! 

Visit Contact Hair Services to buy hair styling products in Perth and anywhere in Australia & New Zealand to pull off that glam look. Designed by experts, you can be assured that your hair will always be in safe hands using the professional Emsibeth range. The range is made in Italy and supported by many high levelled stylists around the world therefore the Emsibeth range becomes a vital styling tool for your hair. 

Remember that the body of the product plays an important role when deciding the appropriate one for your hair type and desired end result.  

For example, a gel based product is typically used on wet hair and can give a wet-look effect depending on the amount of moisture present. 

What Products Should You Use to Get the Perfect Hairstyle  

Here is a list of hair products online in Perth and their effects on your hair to help you find the perfect product mix for your next look. 

1. Mousse  

Mousse is an indispensable product for the ones with thin hair aiming for a voluminous look. Have you seen those puffy, red-carpet-ready buns with a front puff or a huge bouncy ponytail? Mousse is ideal to give strength and structure to your hair. For that extra support use heated rollers or heated tongs. 

Take a few pumps of your favourite mousse and target the roots on wet hair before blow drying for extra volume. You will notice the Emsibeth mousses aren’t runny and instead are a dense foam which helps you use less product and an easier distribution. 

Alternative: If you are not a fan of the creamy texture of mousses, you can also use a volumizer. Use it on wet hair and spray the roots. The protein content within the spray amplifies the root area giving more bounce and root lift. Non greasy and will definitely not weigh hair down. 

2. Styling Cream  

Have you ever struggled with unruly hair that does not style the way you want it to and even when it does, it looks super brittle and dry? To simplify styling your hair, you will need a styling cream to soften and moisturise your dry strands. The styling cream will give your hair an added definition and better hold. Also ideal as an anti-frizz which helps styles last longer and boost shine. 

Alternative: If you don’t want to invest in a styling cream, you can use a leave-in-conditioner. Be sure to use a hair conditioner or mask after your shampoo as this helps prepare the hair for styling and will definitely give extra shine and moisture. HEALTHY HAIR IS A MUST FOR ANY SUCCESSFUL STYLING.  

3. Serum 

Have you seen some people have naturally glossy hair, whereas your hair looks dull and spent from all the products you have used to accomplish the look? Well, the good news is you don’t have to choose between styling products and shiny hair. All that you have to do is finish off your hairstyle with a serum to lock in some extra gloss. Any of the Emsibeth serums will ensure softness, shine and are non-greasy. Apply to mid-lengths and ends with a final touch onto the roots. Good-bye frizz and hello shine! 

4. Hair Spray 

Finally, you have the perfect hairstyle and are ready to claim the day. This is the ideal moment to select one of our fine and quality hairsprays. Freely spray all over your new style and don’t worry about any stickiness as our hairsprays are well formulated to give hold without stickiness. 

Alternative: If you are not a fan of hairsprays, you can also use hair gels, wax and pomade to keep your hair in place. The finishing effect is different however this is the wonderful world of styling products which give you complete freedom in choice and end result! 

Styling Product Guide for Curly Hair   

The biggest challenge of styling curly hair is forming those luscious curl clumps and making them stay. Every curly head has its routine, but here is a trick that usually works for most: 

  • Wet your hair with water (you can also do this routine post-wash) 
  • Since curly hair is usually dry, start with a leave-in-conditioner to soften the strands and gain some control in dealing with frizz. 
  • Next, apply one to three pumps of curl serum and spread it across your strands. This will give your curls better definition and hold. DO NOT SHAKE HAIR! Less shaking and more scrunching is required to bring hair together rather than apart. Curls come to life when they work together. Separating them invites frizz.  
  • You can use a blow dryer with a diffuser or let it dry naturally. Main thing is to let them sit and give the curl a chance to express itself.  
  • Lastly, apply a few pumps of your favourite hairserum to seal the cuticle layer and protect your curl. 

All of the Emsibeth range is available in Perth and all over Australia. Emsibeth is a complete range used by professionals and easy to use at home. There is a product for everybody! 

Bottom Line  

The never ending options of hair products can be overwhelming for beginners and you might feel you don’t know where to start. We are here to help! Check out our hair collection in Perth, buyhair styling products in Perth, and let us help you turn every day into a glam day.