Best Shampoo Perth

Looking for the best shampoo products in Perth? Look no further than Contact and the Emsibeth range of products. As a team of hair care professionals, we understand the importance of using high-quality products to achieve the perfect look.

Emsibeth and Ethe offer a complete range of professional hair care products that are made in Italy and free from harmful chemicals such as sulphates and parabens.

What sets Emsibeth and Ethe apart is their commitment to using only vegan-friendly ingredients without compromising on quality or performance. As exclusive importers of these products, CHS is dedicated to supporting professional hairdressers by providing advanced education programs and personalised support. With Mario De Felice as Managing Director in Australia, Domenico De Felice as Sales Manager together with other representatives and Renato De Felice serving as Stylistic Director and Head Educator, you can trust that you’re getting expert advice when it comes to your hair care needs. And with convenient online ordering options, it’s never been easier to get your hands on the best shampoo Perth offers!

Ethe – The Top Shampoo Pick

Looking for a top-quality hair care solution? Check out the Ethe line and discover how Emsibeth and Ethe can help you achieve healthy, beautiful hair! At our shampoo shop in Perth, we offer a wide range of hair care products that cater to all your needs. From buying hair styling products online in Perth to finding the perfect hair colouring products, we’ve got you covered. Our keratin treatment in Perth is also a popular choice for those looking to tame frizzy or damaged hair.

What sets us apart from other brands is our commitment to using only ammonia-free hair colouring and vegan-friendly products. We even have options for those dealing with hair loss. And when it comes to choosing the best shampoo Perth has to offer, look no further than Ethe – the best shampoo choice. But don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself! Now onto our sulphate-free choices…

Sulphate-free Options

If you’re after a milder option for cleaning your hair, Emsibeth and Ethe’s sulphate-free choices are worth considering. Our sulphate-free shampoos are specially formulated to protect your hair and scalp while effectively removing dirt and build up. Here are three reasons why you should choose our sulphate-free options when looking for hair care products in Perth:

  • They’re gentle on the scalp: Sulphates can strip your scalp of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Our sulphate-free shampoos gently cleanse without causing any damage or discomfort.
  • They help preserve colour: If you’ve recently coloured your hair, using a sulphate-free shampoo can help prolong the life of your colour by preventing it from fading too quickly.
  • They work well with other hair treatment products: Using sulphates can interfere with the effectiveness of other hair treatment products like conditioners and masks. By switching to a sulphate-free option, you’ll get better results from all of your hair care products.

When searching for hair styling products in Perth, don’t forget about the importance of choosing the right shampoo. At Emsibeth and Ethe, we offer a range of high-quality hair services that include an extensive collection of vegan-friendly and ammonia-free hair colouring options. Next up, we’ll take a closer look at our vegan-friendly products that are perfect for those seeking cruelty-free options in their beauty routine.

Vegan-friendly Products

You can positively impact the environment and your beauty routine by choosing Ethe’s vegan-friendly products. These products are carefully crafted to promote well-being and offer sustainable alternatives. We understand that many people are looking for ethical hair care options that align with their values, which is why we offer a range of vegan-friendly products. Not only are these products free from animal-derived ingredients, but they also provide excellent results without compromising on quality.

Check out our table below to see some of our top-selling vegan-friendly hair treatment products in Perth, including shampoos and styling products. So if you’re looking to buy hair styling products online in Perth or want to explore vegan hair care products in Australia, turn to Emsibeth and Ethe for high-quality solutions that deliver results. Next up: find out why our salon-quality shampoo is recommended by professionals!

Emsibeth and Ethe’s range of hair care products are recommended by professionals and provides excellent results for promoting well-being and sustainability. Hair products are sulphate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free, and vegan-friendly, making them perfect for those who care about the environment. ContactHairServices education program keeps hairdressers up to date with the latest techniques and trends in the industry.

ContactHairServices anti-frizz hair care products work well in humid weather conditions, and our keratin treatment provides long-lasting effects. Our ammonia-free hair colouring range gives a fresh new look without damaging your hair. Our detox hair spray removes impurities from your hair and our anti-humidity hair spray protects against environmental damage and frizz giving you longer lasting looks!

Easily Accessible on the Internet

Looking for a hassle-free way to get your hands on some high-quality hair care products? Simply visit one of the many professional EMSIBETH salons or visit our Emsibeth and Ethe online store! We understand that it can be tough to find the time to visit a physical store, especially when you’re juggling work and personal commitments. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to browse and purchase our sulphate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free, and vegan-friendly products from the comfort of your own home.

Our range includes anti-frizz hair care products, anti-humidity hair spray, hair smoothing cream, detox hair spray, and even hair care for an itchy scalp. Plus, we offer ammonia-free hair colouring products for those who want to achieve beautiful colours without damaging their locks. At Emsibeth and Ethe, we’re dedicated to providing professional-grade products that promote well-being, quality and sustainability to all!

Frequently Asked Questions (No change, as Australian English is similar to British English)

What are the unique characteristics that distinguish Emsibeth and Ethe from other professional hair care brands?

When it comes to professional hair care brands, Emsibeth and Ethe is a standout with their unique offerings. Their products are sulphate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free and vegan-friendly, which sets them apart. They focus on promoting well-being, which is reflected in their complete range of hair care products made in Italy. CHS is the exclusive importer of Emsibeth and Ethe and supports professional hairdressers and their salons through advanced education programs.

They understand that every salon has its own identity requiring personalised approaches, which they provide through their superior use of craft and product knowledge gained from their extensive experience. They offer innovative training techniques led by experts such as Renato De Felice who has presented internationally acclaimed collections across Europe, Asia and North America.

With Mario De Felice managing brand operations in Australia and Domenico De Felice providing specific service needs for customers across WA State, Emsibeth and Ethe continues to make a distinctive contribution to improving well-being throughout the world while also delivering exceptional value to customers seeking innovation backed by expertise.

How does CHS provide additional assistance to professional hairdressers and their salons apart from simply importing products?

At CHS, we understand that supporting professional hairdressers and their salons goes beyond just offering product imports. Our mission is to enhance the quality, image, and capabilities of every salon through our advanced education program, which includes inspiring stylistic training. We acknowledge that each salon has its own unique identity and requires a customised approach. That’s why we provide exceptional utilisation of the craft and product through our education program, directed by our Stylistic Director and Head Educator with over 20 years of experience.

Furthermore, our WA State Manager offers a specific point of contact for all service requirements, engaging with clients to evaluate their objectives in both education and product fields. At CHS, we aim to continually involve professional hairdressers through innovative education programs and make a significant contribution to the enhancement and promotion of well-being worldwide.

Who are the main people involved in managing the Emsibeth and Ethe brand and education programs in Australia?

In Australia, Emsibeth and Ethe is run by a highly experienced team who are enthusiastic about supporting professional hairdressers and their salons. Mario De Felice is the Managing Director and brings the latest products to Australia. Renato De Felice is the Stylistic Director and Head Educator, with over 20 years of experience in introducing new cutting and colouring techniques. Domenico De Felice is the WA State Manager and provides a specific point of contact for all service needs.

Thanks to this talented team, Emsibeth and Ethe has become an exclusive importer in Australia, offering sulphate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free, and vegan-friendly products to help professional hairdressers improve their quality, image, and skills through education programs.

How does Emsibeth and Ethe collect feedback from the Australian market to guide their product development and expansion?

At EMSIBETH COSMETICS in Italy, we place high importance on getting feedback from the Australian market to guide our growth and product development. We work closely with CHS, our exclusive importer, and our WA State Manager Domenico De Felice is available as a point of contact for all service needs and to understand customers’ goals in education and product fields. We also encourage direct communication with Managing Director Mario De Felice via email for individual needs. By listening to the needs of professional hairdressers and their salons, we aim to make a valuable contribution to the improvement and promotion of well-being worldwide.

Can you give me any examples of different cutting’ and colouring’ techniques Renato De Felice has brought in through CONTACT HAIR SERVICES teaching’ courses?

Renato De Felice, the Stylistic Director and Head Educator of Emsibeth and Ethe, has introduced a wide range of unique cutting and colouring techniques through Contact Hair Services educational courses. His successful international career has allowed him to bring a fresh perspective to the hair industry, showcasing his skills in image design through his renowned collections and education programs.

From innovative colour placement methods to unconventional cutting techniques, Renato’s teachings are sure to inspire any professional hairdresser looking to expand their skill set. By continuously engaging with hairstylists worldwide, Emsibeth and Ethe remains at the forefront of the industry’s latest trends and techniques.


To sum up, if you’re after the top shampoo in Perth, Emsibeth and Ethe is a great choice. They have a complete range of professional hair care products that are sulphate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free, and vegan-friendly, so you can be sure your hair will be well looked after. I’ve tried many shampoos over the years, and I can confidently say that Emsibeth and Ethe is one of the best.

What I appreciate most about this brand is their dedication to supporting professional hairdressers and salons through advanced education programs and a personalised approach. They genuinely care about the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers, which is why they’re a reliable choice for salon owners and anyone who wants to take better care of their hair.

As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” and with so many satisfied customers and industry professionals recommending this brand, it’s evident that Emsibeth and Ethe lives up to its reputation as one of the best shampoo ranges in Perth. Don’t just take my word for it – give it a go yourself and experience the difference firsthand. Your hair (and scalp) will thank you!